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The Quest For Vocational Excellence

Each organization must have the benefit of a governing body to be its council as the Vocational Training Council of Hong Kong or otherwise.

Dual Vocational Training - Germany's Successful System

In New South Wales, Australia, the Vocational Training Tribunal is the statutory body that functions in this capacity. Their duties are to review applications, trade skill recognition, entertaining complaints and disputes and rule on transfers, suspensions and cancellations out of the vocational training programs.

They are also responsible for the apprenticeship and trainee programs.

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These individuals have a large input as to the overall program and its implementation.

As with the Vocation Training Council of Hong Kong, it would certainly have a mission statement to outline their goals.

Any governing body or council must operate within the guidelines that are set forth at the inception of the program.

The vocational training tribunal sets these guidelines.

This would most certainly be clarified as to the role of teacher and their relationship with the body of students.

Will the teacher be one from the profession or career who has hands-on experience in that particular field of endeavor?

This most certainly would provide the student with invaluable expertise.

In the areas of crafts the one who has worked in that particular area has much to offer in the demonstration process as well as the book learner.

There is a process by which the educational unqualified can receive trade certification.

The recognition process by the New South Wales Department of Vocational Education is rather in-depth but is accomplish-able with persistence.

The Vocational Training Tribunal can entertain applicants who wish to have their trade recognized and receive certification based on a number of points, such as at least 4 years of having worked in the particular trade either in Australia or overseas, completion of an apprenticeship or trade training, completion of an assessment program or possession of any qualification assessment.

These are the beginning steps that one must take for this recognition process.

The trade certification is very important to anyone wishing to gain employment, do further study in this trade or to move up in the workplace via promotion.

There are varying degrees of certification issued by the NSW Department of Education and Training and NSW Vocational Training Tribunal:

(1) Certificate of efficiency which declares that the individual named has complete at least 4 years of working in the named trade and has gained trade/industry experience and has received a recognition from one of the Registered Training Organization.

(2) Craft certificate is issued based on at least 4 years of working in a trade, having gained valuable experience but does not have the qualifying recognition of a Registered Training Organization.

Applications are available online and fees are so noted.

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